Gulf Coast BP Oil Spill Puts a Boost in Myrtle Beach Travel


No matter whether the business is a hotel, restaurant, bar or one of the many retail shops along the Grand Strand, business is booming! Owners have reported jumps in business due to the Gulf Coast\’s misfortune with the BP Oil Spil. Many tourists that typically plan to vacation in the Gulf have shifted their travel plans due to the hugh impact the oil spill has created in the waters along the beach and resort areas. Many vacationers are concerned they will encounter beaches fouled with oil, so now they are coming to the East Coast of Myrtle Beach.

Calls are pouring in from tourist concerned about the spill and looking for a different beach destination to visit this year, These are the reports received from the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. Fishing Charters have seen as much as a thirty percent boost compared to the 2009 fishing season. As the condition in the Gulf continues to worsen, many of the recreational anglers have begun their quest for new waters to partake in. Currently there are over 80,000 square miles of federal waters, that\’s roughly a third of the federal waters in the Gulf, where there is currently a NO FISHING policy in effect.

It has recently been released that Florida-based ResortQuest rental company with operations in South Carolina has booked at least $40,000 worth of their reservations on the Grand Strand within the past few weeks due to its clients vacationers changing travel plans from the Gulf Coast. Their company marketing executive has stated that a good portion of their $18 million in reservations along the Gulf Coast will be shifting directions to the Grand Strand.

\"\"Hotel occupancy numbers along the Grand Strand are going up as we headed into the fourth of July holiday weekend, but this year there is another reason people are making their way to the Carolina coast. For the July 4th holiday weekend according to AAA there was  a marking 17 percent increase from last year.

Many of Myrtle Beach\’s hotel owners are saying its an unfortunate situation but, the Gulf Oil spill is having a very positive impact on the Grand Strands economy. The Carnivale Motor Inn has said that they are currently averaging 15 or more calls each day. For many resorts this is the best summer they have seen in over two years.

Many resorts are saying that good majority of the visitors seem to be Floridians. Another industry that could be affected from this disaster is the real estate market. The impact of the Gulf oil spill could muck up housing markets in the Gulf for years. Many Baby Boomers that may have been considering a retirement in the Gulf are now taking a look at the Grand Strand. The Grand Strands housing market currently has some of the best bang for your buck real estate and retirees are starting to partake in some of the lowest prices the strand has seen in years.

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