Our Firm

We are committed to understanding client needs and are dedicated to providing knowledgeable service. The support we provide is viewed as the beginning of a long-term-relationship.


Our dedication to observing the utmost standard of excellence, local market knowledge, and our effectiveness in representing buyers and sellers set By the Beach apart in a crowded field. Our property management serves the wishes of both residents and property owners by providing professional management service and by meeting the needs of owners and residents.
Experience, dedication, and focus by our entire staff, without ever compromising quality customer service, is the main reason for our success.



Jason Merritt
Jason Merritt is a licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker who has been involved in real estate investments since 1992. His education in real estate and marketing provides a powerful set of skills for our team. He is in charge of the Acquisition Team and is responsible for all the pre-sale activities leading up to the purchase of a property. Specializing in foreclosures, short sales, multi-family acquisitions, rehabilitation projects and single-family wholesale transactions; investors can be confident that their investment in Myrtle Beach property will be handled knowledgeably. His expertise in market analysis, cash flow and budget analysis can insure your Grand Strand investment will be a profitable one.
Benny Baldonado
Benny is a co-founder of By the Beach, Inc. and The Department of Redevelopment, which are asset management, real estate consulting, and property development firms. He is a recognized and respected leader in the community due to his volunteer work among several charitable organizations. Known for having the strategic vision to achieve business goals, his proven track record of developing multiple successful projects is well known in Myrtle Beach. He has extensive experience in analyzing real estate acquisitions for the best possible return on your investment in Grand Strand real estate. The comprehensive network of third-party advisers, financial specialists and skilled tradesmen that he works alongside are a testament to his team building capability.
Melinda Merritt
Melinda Merritt is a licensed Property Manager involved in real estate investments since 2003. Her experience in customer service and the attention she provides to detail provides a robust set of skills for our team. She is in charge of the Annual Property Management Team and is responsible for all the pre-leasing and annual property management duties of the firm. Homeowners can be confident that their investment in the greater Myrtle Beach area is managed knowledgeably and professionally. Her skills in market rents analysis, cash flow, and tenant retention can ensure your Grand Strand investment will be a profitable one.